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Sketches and Full body Commissioning
Dragon Year Selfy by kit-su-ne
Deer In The Headlight by kit-su-ne

Digital lineart drawings

>>Waist up 160 points/ USD$1.60
>>Full body 250 points/ USD$2.50
    • Additional characters/ things in same picture:
                    Another waist up: 100 points/ USD$1
                    Another full body: 160 points/ USD$1.60
                    Customised background [Please specify]: 160 points/ USD$1.60

Digital coloured drawings

>>Waist up Doodle angel by kit-su-ne 400 points/ USD$4
>>Full body The Flowers On the Other Side by kit-su-ne 900 points/ USD$9
    • Additional characters/ things in same picture:
                    Another waist up: 200 points/ USD$2
                    Another full body: 250 points/ USD$2.50
                    Customised background [Please specify]: 200 points/ USD$2

P.S.: Backgrounds will be included in your drawings by default. But these are my own backgrounds and may not be what you want...
Size: 600×800 and below by default. Other sizes please specify.

To look at my gallery:…

  • Give me a url or mail about the character you want to draw. It can be an original character or a fan character.
  • No yaoi, yuri, shounenai, shoujoai, hentai, S & M, bed scenes, religion-related, politics-related or excessive gore.
  • I am not good at realistic/mecha/anthro/furries so don't ask me to draw in that style.
  • I will PM you the payment method.

You can:
  • Note me. Please say if you want this picture to be shared with others or not.

  • This is my first time doing so please be kind >.<


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Last week, my cousin said that she was envious of the way I drew and asked how do I draw out my pictures.
I was very flattered to hear that. But I am also a little hesitant to tell her my conceptualising of my art.
That is because I break a lot of the rules my art mentor passed on to me. 
Secondly, I wonder if I am qualified to share my thinking process...?


At least I can dream by kit-su-ne

Snowflake Divider By Gasara by xXEquaseIsisXx

Step One: Inspiration

I don't see the whole picture that I want to draw: I see snatches of things I want. Setsuna Plus by mikito-p was the main inspiration for this piece with its meaningful lyrics and sweet, pastel-coloured MV. I wanted to draw fishes and whales in mid-air. I wanted to draw my character as not being viewed in a straight perception, so I decided that he should be tilted almost upside-down.
Then, my friend said he looked forward to me drawing something in the style of Mekakucity Actors Episode 9. I studied the pictures in that storybook and decided that dead trees, the main focus in those pictures, would fit into the ideas I had so far.
Finally, :icongasara: had a competition with the theme of seasons, so I decided that I want my art to cover some aspects of this too.

Mini Hearts Divider by Shelly143

Step Two: Drawing

To practice drawing the elements, especially the anatomy of the animals, above into my art style, I doodled onto my sketchbook: whale, fish, how the boy should look like...
I started drawing on paper.
For this piece, I was unsure of how I want to integrate my elements... therefore there was a lot of erasing and letting my lineart sit there. 

I had a hard time deciding how the trunk and twigs will twist behind the boy.

I don't know what to draw in front of the boy because if he sleeps there all alone, the picture looks bare....

I went back to step one #1 ... I saw lilies in the frosted glass... lilies it will be.

Heart Emote by Gasaramini pixel by Gasara by ArtsyAndreaMmini pixel by Gasara by ArtsyAndreaMmini pixel by Gasara by ArtsyAndreaM

My drawing style

I never do roughs before transferring to other paper for traditional art because I feel it is a waste of paper (I am an environmental engineer you know! :P). Instead I drew lightly and kept erasing if I want to change things.

Cog Divider by EntwinedHarpoons

Step Three: Inking

You would have think that by this stage, I would have everything planned out. In fact, I just let my mind go blank and draw in intricate designs in the trunk.
I was very worried that the picture could be too overdone.
I came to this stage...
10593363 538935806253009 73315119 N by kit-su-ne
I posted this on my Instagram too.

I felt something was missing to join the animals together, but I did not know what to add in, so I just let my hands move....

And the picture was done!
Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

I just Photoshopped the lineart a little and posted it!

*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry) 

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